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  • ‘Adapting: A Continuing Performance’

    ‘Adapting: A Continuing Performance’

    When campus closed in March, everyone had to learn how to adapt. This was a challenge especially for performance based majors that rely on on-campus instruction and performance.

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  • Kidnap, murder, ritual sacrifice

    Kidnap, murder, ritual sacrifice

    In 1989, Texas was gripped by a “Satanic Panic,” following a discovery of a mass grave in Matamoros, mexico.

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  • Gators up close

    Gators up close

    Gator Country Adventure Park, located just outside Beaumont, Texas, is home to more that 450 rescued and/or donated American alligators, snakes, lizards, tortoises, caimans and other various animals.

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  • RE: Dear service industry. I will not miss you

    RE: Dear service industry. I will not miss you

    After a year working in restaurants during a global pandemic, UP editor Olivia Malick has some heartfelt observations.

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  • Understaffed, overworked and scared of getting sick

    Understaffed, overworked and scared of getting sick

    Food service workers detail pandemic hardships.

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  • 7 facts you might not know about ExxonMobil in Beaumont

    7 facts you might not know about ExxonMobil in Beaumont

    ExxonMobil is committed to producing the energy and chemical products that are essential to modern life, economic development and improved standards of living.

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  • Abuse of Faith

    Abuse of Faith

    For centuries, people have looked to religion for salvation and understanding, seeking a sense of community in their congregations and a sense of purpose.

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  • Athletes face COVID challenges

    Athletes face COVID challenges

    When the NCAA made a decision to cancel competition and practices during the pandemic, LU athletes had to face an uncertain future. 

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  • Fast Mind, Slow Food

    Fast Mind, Slow Food

    To say Rebecca Boone is a polymath is a bit of an understatement. Lamar University’s Dr. Ralph and Edna Wooster Endowed Professor of history is the author of three books, a certified fitness instructor and mother, as well as the founder of Slow Food Beaumont, a non-profit organization which focuses on local cuisine and building up civic engagement through food.

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  • Lone Night Good

    Lone Night Good

    Photographer Brandi Hamilton's essay explores the different world one finds in the nighttime hours.

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  • From rags to Washington

    From rags to Washington

    A hidden gem within Lamar University’s Special Collections department is the Jack Brooks office replica. Brooks spent more than four decades as a U.S. representative and left a lasting legacy in the area.

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  • Yearbook collection records LU history

    Yearbook collection records LU history

    The Lamar University special collections department has a collection of yearbooks from Lamar’s founding as South Park Junior College in 1923 until 1976, when Lamar stopped printing yearbooks.

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  • Preserving history’s back pages

    Preserving history’s back pages

    When most people exit the elevator on Gray Library’s seventh floor, they often turn left to the study floor without thinking. But if one turns right, one enters a world of more than 20,000 books, artifacts and memorabilia.

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  • The Journaler

    The Journaler

    During the unique period the world is going through with the coronavirus pandemic, Dulce Rodriguez says her stress has not only doubled, but quadrupled since the semester started.

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  • The Influencer

    The Influencer

    Tumise Onalaja, known by her friends as Tumi, has been practicing her makeup skills to keep busy during COVID-19.

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  • The Swiftie

    The Swiftie

    Scott Sayre is a “Swiftie.” The San Antonio senior is an upbeat, obsessive fan who knows everything about Taylor Swift and always shakes the haters off.

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  • The Survivor

    The Survivor

    Through faith and competitive drive, Anderson Kopp has been able to overcome injuries and setbacks leading him to his second year as a shooting guard for the Lamar men’s basketball team.

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  • The Bike Girl

    The Bike Girl

    While not being able to go back to Nairobi in East Africa, Lamar University student Christine Kitaru found many new ways to entertain herself and keep her creativity in Coffeyville, Kansas, during the pandemic.

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  • To Be Replaced