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Saving Stories-Photos


Saving a story to be edited

 When saving a story to edit, save as a Microsoft Word document in the server folder “copy to be edited.” This ensures that files are not lost.

 Use the standard naming convention to slug your stories (title_first initial/last name)

eg: weekofwelcome_acoughlan.docx


Saving the edited story

When the story is finished open the University Press server folder and go to “stories to be posted.” Create a folder inside for your story: eg: week-of-welcome_acoughlan

Use the standard naming convention (title_first initial/last name)

Example: weekofwelcome_acoughlan.jpg

sample story
This is an example of how your saved story document should look.


Saving Photos/Graphics for online publication

When creating a graphic make sure to first use the file titled up_feature_template.jpg as this will ensure your graphic is in the correct dimensions to be posted online.

Resize images to fit into the template size.

When saving an image or graphic in Photoshop hold command+option+shift S (save for web) to compress the file.

Use the standard naming convention (title_first initial/last name)

eg: weekofwelcome_acoughlan.jpg