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Uploading stories-photos


Uploading stories to web

Log into CMS and go to the UP site

Click the corresponding year folder, then click the correct month

Click add content

Click the correct story post page for the corresponding year

Ex: Story Post Page 2022

Both display name and title is the headline of the story

Use a single sentence story summary

Author is name and position

Ex: Andy Coughlan, UP contributor

For press releases just type Press Release as the author

Click calendar for start date

Click correct category

Copy and paste story into text field

(you may need to paste into text edit first and then into the window. Make sure the text looks right in the box)

Add image by clicking image icon and add image description (see adding cutlines)

When finished, preview draft and submit

After submit, click publish.

Then, go to the corresponding category (news, features, etc.) and click publish.

Click on the index link at the end of the list and click publish.

Open to check the story posted correctly.


Uploading images for online stories

Log into CMS and go to the UP site

Click the files folder and go to the correct date or month


Click add content

Click story post for the correct month

Drag or upload photo into the upload field

If the picture is saved incorrectly you will not be able to upload it, so make sure it is right


Adding cutlines

When adding an image click advanced settings and click “use figure and figcaption for this image”

Inside the image box click “caption” and replace the text with your cutline

Note: the caption does not carry over to the page, so copy the cutline to paste into the page