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Local businessman offers meditation classes

Dejohn Handy hold mediation classes Mondays, at the Dharma Wellness MedSpa in Beaumont. UP photo by Josiah Boyd

Dejohn Handy, owner of Gas Handy LLC in Beaumont has been practicing meditation for over five years.

“I started meditating when I was 22 because I was dealing with the stress of being a young adult, struggling to find my path in life,” he said. “I had a lot of anxiety and uncertainness that comes with starting off on your own and meditation helped me relieve some of that stress.”

Handy, who is now 28, decided to offer free mediation classes to help others who need relief from daily stress. The classes are held at 7 p.m., Mondays, at the Dharma Wellness MedSpa in Beaumont.

“The classes are dynamic and adapt to the needs of the participants,” Handy said. “If someone wants to focus more on breathing one week or mental focus the next, we will let the classes take whatever shape is needed.

“I like to give everyone time to settle in and get comfortable before we dive into the practices and breathing techniques. I like to have the first 10-15 minutes of the class be a safe space to mingle and get your mind focused for the course.”

Once everyone has found a comfortable spot in the meditation room the class begins.

“I start off by having everyone create a box in their mind,” Handy said. “This box is what we put all the stressors from our day in so we can focus on ourselves. After everyone has created their box and visualized putting any and every stressor inside it, we can begin meditating.”

Handy said he believes his course is more than just a typical meditation class.

“I am teaching people a comprehensive approach to learning and practicing mental strategies and techniques that can benefit someone in a variety of ways,” he said.

Ryland Sipes has attended the sessions since the beginning and said he has seen a noticeable difference in his mood and anxiety level.”

“I started coming when I heard that the classes were free, and I have no regrets,” Sipes said. “I used to have problems controlling my anxiety and uneasiness when in public, but I have noticed that when I am in a situation like that, I just default back to the breathing exercises I learned in class, and I calm down.”

Handy said participants benefit from stress reduction, improved focus, better sleep habits, and a reduction in anxiety.

“I ask that everyone that comes, or is thinking about attending this class, comes with an open and creative mind,” he said. “Whatever you give into the class you will get out of it, so being open minded and willing to listen will benefit any participant in the future.”

Dharma Wellness MedSpa is located at 2684 Calder Ave in Beaumont. Walk-ins are welcome and admission is free, but donations are welcomed.

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