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SGA elections set for April 8-9

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Elections for Lamar University’s Student Government Association will open online April 8, at 8 a.m. and close April 9 at 4 p.m.

Voting will be accessible through Self Service Banner on the Lamar University website. Students will receive an email with detailed directions on how to access the link on April 8. The Student Government Association will also promote the elections on their Instagram page @lamarsga.

Both the SGA President Jonah Smith and Vice President Antonio Maldonado decided to step down from their positions.

“Things started getting really busy for me personally, and I like to give 100% of my effort in everything that I’m in, and I feel like I’m getting so busy where I’m giving 90%, or maybe 95,” Smith said. “I feel I’m not satisfied with what I could give if I run again, because I know that if this semester is busy, it’s going to be busier as I keep going along.”

Maldonado said both of them have given it a lot of thought and feel they have accomplished much throughout their term.

“(We) love to have a good impact on campus, but we’re also looking into our future,” he said. “After graduation, for example, I want to go to law school. So, this next year will be pretty intense for me, studying for the LSAT and taking my classes like really seriously.”

Both Smith and Maldonado encourage students outside of the organization to vote.

“(The SGA members) are working to be the voice of students who aren’t involved and they address things to staff who might not notice in the day-to-day life of a student,” Smith said. “It’s a very impactful way for them to type improve Lamar through the students’ eyes.”

Maldonado said Student Government is a vital part of every campus.

“We are the people who students elected to represent them in their meetings that they might not be able to attend with administration,” he said. “So, we are the students voices.”

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