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People: Wrestling with her dreams

The world of professional wrestling has captured the hearts of millions, and among those fans is Anahuac freshman Paola Chavez. The accounting major says she found herself drawn into the world of WWE after catching a glimpse of a match on TV during her senior year of high school.

“It all started when I passed my sister watching one. I was confused at first on what was happening. But then I saw a guy knock out his opponent from the top buckle and win the match. That’s when I got hooked,” she says.

Paola now tunes into WWE matches and knows the schedule by heart. Paola says she has become a big fan of female wrestlers.

“I’ve become a big fan after seeing them show themselves through their strength, stamina and power,” she says. Her favorite moves are Rey Mysterio’s “619” and Raquel Rodriguez’s “Tejana Bomb,” she says.

Paola says she likes the representation WWE showcases.

“I am on the shorter side, and seeing Zelina Vega, who is also my height, take out opponents taller and stronger than her, makes me believe that size doesn’t matter, and I can achieve my dreams, too,” she says.

Anahuac freshman Paola Chavez posed with pictures of wrestlers. UP photo by Ana Chavez.
Anahuac freshman Paola Chavez posed with pictures of wrestlers. UPbeat photo by Ana Chavez.
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