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People: Funky sandwich combo

Zoe Hagar is always looking for new food combinations to try. Her most intriguing is a peanut butter, pickle, pepper sandwich inspired by the book series “Dork Diaries” by Rachel Renee Russell, which the Winnie freshman read in elementary school.

“I think it was the main character’s annoying little sister who was making peanut butter pickle sandwiches,” Zoe says. “I read that and thought, ‘I am also an annoying little sister’ and thought that sounded kind of good.”

The biology major tried it out with a spicy twist.

“I would toast bread, and then I would smear both sides with peanut butter, making it warm and gooey, then take some pickles out of the pickle jar, the sliced ones, then I would dry them off with a napkin, so the juices wouldn’t go everywhere,” she says. “Then I would sprinkle the peanut butter with pepper, because I also like spicy things. I put three slices of pickles on both sides, put the top piece of bread on, then pat it down and eat it just like that.”

Zoe’s creation proves that as long as there is bread, there’s no limit to what makes a sandwich. It’s all up to one’s own taste.

Winnie freshman Zoe Hagar having a sandwich. UP photo by Kami Greene.
Winnie freshman Zoe Hagar having a sandwich. UPbeat photo by Kami Greene.


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