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People: Baking not boredom

Hannah Burns has found a new cure for boredom — making bread.

“I was bored, and I had the recipes for it,” the Lumberton sophomore says. “I was home alone and said, ‘Why not?”

Hannah found herself at home with nothing to do and decided to change that. She now is planning to turn her hobby into a profitable business.

Lumberton sophomore Hannah Burns holding flour in her hands. UP photo by Rebecca Wallage.
UPbeat photo by Rebecca Wallage.

“Me and my mom have been talking about going to sell at a farmers market,” the nursing major says.

The new baker has made eight types of bread but plans to try out many more including sourdough and Texas Roadhouse rolls.

“Croissants are the hardest to make, but honey white is my favorite to make because it is the easiest,” Hannah says.

Different types of bread require different techniques, and she has found different ones she likes and does not like to make. Making bread has allowed Hannah to experiment with different recipes and creativity.

“I have never really liked store-bought bread,” Hannah says. “I guess that was an underlying reason to want to make my own bread.”

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