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BCP hosts free writing group

Brandon Greer
Brandon Greer points out a writing exercise he uses during the "Scribes" writers workshops held at Beaumont Community Players. Photo by Sierra Kondos

The Beaumont Community Players’ “Scribes” writing group hosts a class every second and fourth Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Betty Greenberg Performing Arts Center. Classes are free and open to the public.

“The writing group was created to fight writer’s block and promote accountability,” Brandon Greer, Lamar Institute of Technology instructor, said. “We encourage writers of all backgrounds and genres to come together to bounce ideas off one another, share writing resources, critiquing, and to encourage each other on their writing journey.”

The first hour of the class is dedicated to group writing exercises.

“I believe that artistic exercises can be used for writing and developing the creative muscles,” Greer said.

One technique Greer explores, theatrical improvisation, was developed by Viola Spolin, an American theatre academic, educator and acting coach. Writers spontaneously create from whatever surrounds them in the moment.

“Essentially, it is the art of being unprepared,” Greer said. “Writers are the actors of their entire book and Spolin’s techniques are ideal for on the-spot storytelling.”

In the other classes, the group discussed their favorite authors and different kinds of storytelling.

“We processed and examined those stories to discover what kind of elements drew us to them,” Greer said. “We discussed what it is about fiction stories that we relate to? What do we see of ourselves in a fiction story?"

The second hour is dedicated to accountability, where participants are given the freedom to write without the pressures of daily life, Greer said.

“The idea behind dedicating an hour of writing is for those who can’t seem to find time in their day-to-day schedule to be just for writing,” he said. “The first hour of exercises is meant to get the writing juices flowing and the second hour is to use that energy toward their project.”

Greer said the next class, May 6, will go over imitation and different styles of writing.

“I know that clichés or knockoffs are frowned upon, but they are universal,” he said. “Everything has been written before, just not by your point of view. You could take a Stephen King novel and rewrite it in your point of view, and it is no longer King’s version of the story, it’s yours.”

The group is seeking writers of all backgrounds and skill levels, from drama and poetry to screenplays and novels, Greer said.

“We want our writing group to be enriched with all kinds of talent and perspectives to help support each other in their endeavors,” he said.

The next class will be held on May 6 at 1 p.m.

For more, visit the bcpscribes Facebook page.

Members of Baumont Community Players' "Scribes" writers group. Photo by Sierra Kondos


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