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Poetic Souls showcase students’ poetry

roses and metaphors
Participants in Poetic Souls' "Roses and Metaphors" poetry event take a bow, Feb. 22 in the Science Auditorium. UP phot by Abi Patterson

Poetic Souls hosted their annual “Roses and Metaphors” event to display the poetic abilities of their members on Feb. 22 in Lamar University’s Science Auditorium.

The objective of the event was to provide a platform for students to convey themselves artistically and form a profound connection with the audience via original poetry. Students performed poetic pieces, and as a symbol of affection and appreciation, the student organization presented participants with a rose to signify love and admiration.

Poetic Souls is a Lamar University student organization where members recite their original poetry and support the poetry of others. The group has been active for several years, and the “Roses and Metaphors” event is held in celebration of Black History Month.

The organization is known for drawing a crowd of poetry lovers, and this years event was no exception. The auditorium filled with poetry enthusiasts, eager to hear the works of some of the university's most talented poets.

The poems did not disappoint. Their works were powerful and thought-provoking, touching on themes such as love, loss, and the beauty of the natural world.

Poetic Souls alumni Trey Cobbin recited a recently completed piece about what he would say to his future son.

“I would love to be your first language,” he said. “I want your first and last memory to be a smile because I know the world can reshape it into a look of malice and greed with no sense of protection and peace, I wish I could be an organ donor for your emotions.”

The event ended with each performer receiving a white rose. A sense of community and connection was formed among all audience members and for those who attended, “Roses and Metaphors” was a memorable and impactful evening, a celebration Black History and of the beauty and power of poetry.

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