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Custodial building demolition part of campus improvement plan

The remnants of the now demolished custodial building. UP photo by Tim Cohrs.

The Lamar University planning and construction department demolished the old custodial building, located behind the Digital Learning Center adjacent to the baseball and soccer fields, March 7.

“We relocated (custodial staff) last year to some vacant space on the first floor of the Montagne Center, which is a much better situation for them,” Katherine Miller, assistant vice president of planning and construction, said. “There was no use any longer for that old custodial building. It had a few issues, so we decided to demolish it as the next step in improving the south entrance of campus.” 

The Digital Learning Center is the next demolition project on the agenda, Miller said.

“The other building, which is the former daycare center, now houses portions of the digital learning department,” she said. “Our current plans entail relocating them to some part of the library once we undergo that major library renovation, and then we would demolish that building as well.”

Miller said plans to repurpose the land where the buildings now reside are in the planning stages.

“The future use of the site after that (Digital Learning Center) is demolished is to be determined at this time,” she said. “We are also starting planning for updating the 10-year campus master plan. So, during that effort over the next year and a half, I’m sure we will identify potential uses for that.”

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