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People: The Collector


Arielle Hickerson is a sophomore studying human resource management and she is a webkinz collector. The human resource management major noticed her interest in Webkinz at a very young age, when she received them as a gift from her parents. “I think when I was young my parents got me some animals and some of them were Webkinz It was a stuffed animal that came with a code that you could enter in an online website, and you could like play games and take care of your pet like that. And so, once we started collecting Webkinz we just didn't stop and then we just collected more and more over the years and I'm still interested in Webkinz however they don't sell the plushes anymore sadly the I still like them a lot,” Arielle says. Her interest for Webkinz started to grow at the age of seven. “It started to grow I think maybe when I was like seven, I believe I started my Webkinz count when I was four. So, I've always loved stuffed animals so I guess it's just grown since four and so every Christmas and every birthday I'm like, Can I have some more Webkinz it's like yes yeah. The Lumberton resident has been collecting webkins for quite a while. “so, like 15 years I've been collecting webkinz and still looking for webkinz they're not sold in the plushes anymore. So, I have to go on like eBay or Amazon and like look for like a bunch of them at the same time. So, I'm like look for right prices and stuff. There are a couple that I like really want that I don't have yet like a cute design or something,” she says. Arielle’s interest for Webkinz is certainly one of a kind and she has been looked at for having a collection of Webkinz and she doesn’t want other people who have collections to feel that way. “Just because somebody else likes something that you don't doesn't mean you should judge them on it. It doesn't mean you should criticize them for it just means that everyone is different and unique, but just collect their own things,” she says. 

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