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People: Daria Bush

In spring 2020, Daria Bush began to struggle with mental health. She turned to spirituality as a way to help her cope with the difficult times.

“I was using it as an opportunity to bring a bit more meaning to my life,” the 17-year-old Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities student from Houston says.

She quickly developed an interest in tarot readings, which assess someone’s current energy. While they cannot predict the future, they can provide insight into what choices a person should make moving forward.

“For a year, I used solitaire cards in replacement for tarot cards,” she says.

Eventually, she decided to invest inher own full deck, and now, nearly two years later, she has collected 6 decks. These include 4 tarot decks and 2 oracle decks.

“Tarot is the same 78 distinctive cards that have the same meanings,” Daria says. “Oracle decks are very targeted specific messages.”

She has also done readings for upwards of 20 people, and even works with some of her peers on a regular basis.

“I do the same few people consistently,” she says. While she is doing readings, she enjoys watching the faces of those she is reading for more than anything else: “My favorite part is seeing their reactions to how accurate the cards can be.”


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