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The Swiftie

Scott Sayre

Scott Sayre is a “Swiftie.” The San Antonio senior is an upbeat, obsessive fan who knows everything about Taylor Swift and always shakes the haters off. “Love of my life — she’s everything. She makes M.E. so, so happy,” he says. A fan since 2009, Scott says Swift’s music has been a source of comfort growing up. “She sings a lot about pain and heartbreak that she’s gone through, and, personally, I’ve never experienced the kind of heartbreak she sings about, but she always finds a way in her songs to relate it to any circumstance I can be in,” the corporate communication major says. “That, through the years, has really helped M.E. to cope with pain and hardships.” As Swift and her musical content has matured, it has influenced Scott to have a broader perspective on love. “I was raised in a Christian background,” he says. “I was raised like, ‘Love is a man and a woman, marriage, thing. That was soM.E.thing I believed all the way up until a few years ago, when she started opening up more about it. She actually shifted my perspective on love and acceptance.” Scott, who will graduate this seM.E.ster, wants his diploma to include his Swiftie status. “Who do I talk to about that?” he says. “I want them to say, ‘Graduating with their degree, Scott Sayre, Swiftie.”

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