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During the unique period the world is going through with the coronavirus pandemic, Dulce Rodriguez says her stress has not only doubled, but quadrupled since the semester started. The 21-year-old human resources major had had bouts of anxiety where she worried about the future, particularly her future in school. Dulce says she eases her stress by journaling and planning. The Beaumont native is even able to get creative while doing it. “I decided to color code by classes, adding stickers, and instead of checking off what I had done I decided to highlight it,” she says. The more important things are written on sticky notes and stuck to her mirror. Journaling became a hobby as well and she journals every day. The topics she writes about vary. “Instead of just writing down my feelings, I would also write down any thoughts, ideas, or even dreams and nightmares that I would have,” she says. Dulce has even splurged and bought herself a new “fashionable” notebook to replace her basic school notebook. The new notebook is colorful and has feathers on it.
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