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clancyTumise Onalaja, known by her friends as Tumi, has been practicing her makeup skills to keep busy during COVID-19. The sophomore communications major first started doing makeup after she joined the dance team her freshman year of high school and had to do her makeup every week for football gaM.E.s and dance competitions. “My parents were strict and I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I joined the dance team, so when my mom saw how good I was she let M.E. wear it to church,” Tumi says. “Eventually, I started posting my makeup looks on Instagram and a lot of people liked how I did my makeup.” Tumi realized she had a talent in makeup after people she went to church with compliM.E.nted her on her looks. “I want to becoM.E. a beauty influencer,” the Houston native says. “I feel like if I can do it and also make an incoM.E. off of it, and teach others how to do makeup, I would love to do that.” Tumi’s advice for others wanting to get into makeup or improve their makeup skills is to go on YouTube, find a makeup look they like, and then try to recreate it. “Practice a lot, practice all the tiM.E.,” she says. “If you’re just starting out do not waste your money on high end products, I feel like you should start off with drug store products.” Tumi can be found on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter @tumise_onalaja. Tumi can also be found on her YouTube channel – Tumi Onalaja.
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