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Dining Services updates plans for Market, SSC locations

Students eat in the Setzer Student Center food court, Oct. 27. UP photo by Tim Cohrs.

Lamar University’s dining has updated the status of two dining options on campus.

Market-Brooks Shivers, located on the side of the Brooks Shivers Dining Hall, and was set to open Aug. 24, but due to Hurricane Laura the grand opening has been postponed indefinitely, Jack Spurlock, dining services marketing manager, said.

“The Brook Shivers market unfortunately got delayed indefinitely due to the hurricane coming in — it kind of delayed our plans,” Spurlock said. “And now it's the point where we're getting close to the end of the semester and final preparations are beginning. We want to open it as soon as possible. We're looking to still continue to open it this semester, that plan hasn't changed, just unfortunately, there's been one thing after the other.

“It's COVID as well — we're having to take extra precautions, like getting things sanitized and ready to go.”

The re-opening of the third dining option in the Setzer Student Center, which formerly housed Jason’s Deli, has been postponed indefinitely due to contract negotiations, Spurlock said.

“Latest that was heard is that Smoothie King is still the number one franchise that we would like to have in there — it's all dependent on negotiations,” he said. “At this time, it's going back and forth. But if it isn't, if they're unable to come to an agreement, we're obviously going to replace it with another dining location there." 

Dining services extended the hours for both Papa Johns and Market Cardinal Village in October, Spurlock said. This was due to demand as a lot of students were still trying to shop at the locations at closing time in September. Spurlock said dining services will assess extending hours for other dining locations if they see the same demand.

For more updates, follow dining services on Instagram and Facebook @lamardining.

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