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UPDATE: Residence halls regain internet after outage

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Update: 9:48 p.m. 
Via email- Department of Housing and Residence Life announces that maintenance will be completed soon.

"At this time the group working on the housing WiFi network has stated that the final connections for the network should be restored shortly. You may notice some delays as the system finishes establishing the connections but WiFi should now be available for use. If you have continued issues with the network, please let us know."

Update: 5:38 p.m.
Via email- Department of Housing and Residence Life announces that maintenance will be ongoing through the night.
"The work associated with the Cardinal Village WiFi equipment will be ongoing this evening and continuing through the night. Ethernet cables are available at the front desks if you have the capability to make a wired connection with a cord."

Original Story:

Hurricane Laura caused 45 Cardinal Village students to be evacuated to Texas State University in San Marcos, Aug. 25. When they returned to the dorms, Aug. 29, they, and other students who returned from their homes, found themselves faced with a Wi-Fi outage.

“The service provider for the Cardinal Village Wi-Fi is working on repairs to the equipment that was damaged by the storm,” LU’s Housing and Residence Life office said in an email sent to residents. “Wi-Fi is available at other locations on campus, including the dining hall, library, Student Setzer Center, and designated Wi-Fi parking lots at G2, D5 and E1. An update will be provided as soon as more information is available.”

Some residence halls are offering ethernet cables for student use. However, there may be a limited supply.

Students will receive status updates through campus email.

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