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SGA election results for Fall 2020 announced

The run-off election results for the Fall 2020 Student Governement Association were announced on April 24.

The positions that were voted on by students were president, vice president and junior class senator.

For president, mechanical engineering major Trevion Wilson was elected with 50.3 percent of 738 votes, over political science major Katey McCall, who received 49.7 percent of the votes, according to results posted by SGA. 

Sociology major Jasmine Patin was elected vice president with 58 percent of 691 votes over mechanical engineering major Tyler Martin who received 42 percent of the votes.

For junior class senator, computer science major Maurio Stevens received 53.4 percent of 189 votes over mechanical engineering major David Williams who received 46.6 percent of the votes.

The officers start their term on June 1.

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