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Student Artists To Sell Handmade Valentines Gifts

Student artists will be selling handmade Valentine’s creations Feb. 11 in the Setzer Student Center atrium from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Prices for artwork will vary depending on the artist and the product being sold.

“Buying Valentines gifts on campus is not only a convenient way to get unique presents, but is also a great way to support Lamar student artists,” Jennifer Marion, Memphis, TN senior, president of the Artist Common, said. “This creates a sense of camaraderie within our university. If you want a gift while supporting a fellow Lamar student this is the way to do it!”

Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico Sophomore, Valentina Castrejon Ruiz, vice-president of the Artist Common, said the goal of selling art is not only to earn the money spent on it back, but also to get extra money for the artist. Overall, she said the sale should be affordable to the average student.

“This sale is a great opportunity for local artists to gain exposure in the Lamar community, and also a chance for other students to see what we are doing in the art department,” she said. “Buying from us benefits everyone. We are the only ones that do what we’re doing — that’s what makes it special.”

Some students have been working on their products for a long time, some are selling work from previous years, and others are creating work specifically for the sale, Castrejon Ruiz said.

“Different things take different amounts of time,” she said. “People are selling prints, buttons, stickers, drawings, paintings, custom jewelry, handmade keychains, greeting cards. But rest assured, whether (the artists) worked on it a year ago or today, the effort and passion are the same.”

Marion said there are plenty of ways people can support local artists if they cannot afford to buy their artwork.

“Simply following an artist on social media is a great way to start,” she said. “Tons of artists use Instagram as an outlet to showcase their work to the world. Another nice way to support local artists is to go to art events in the area. The Art Museum of Southeast Texas, the Dishman Museum on Lamar campus, and various galleries in town are free places to experience art and enjoy. Last but not least, if you’re about to hop online for some shopping be sure to check out some local artists first. There are tons of local artists with various skill sets, so you'd be surprised what awesome stuff you might find.”

Castrejon Ruiz said the Artist Common plans on having more events, sales, and workshops throughout the semester.

“While our events are for members of the Artist Common, this organization is not exclusively for art students,” she said. “Everyone is welcome to join. The Artist Common is working really hard this semester to make our presence known on campus. We want people to know that we are here and have so many things to give to the community. You will see more of us.”

For more information on the Artist Common visit their Instagram page @luartistscommon or email Jennifer Marion at 

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