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Be mine (as a friend)

As someone who is recently single, I’d be lying if I didn’t romanticize (no pun intended) the idea of being with a partner on Valentine’s Day. But, as someone who has always enjoyed Valentine’s Day, from the kitschy heart décor to supermarket Valentine cards, I’m still going to lean into the manufactured holiday.

I reached out to my childhood best friend who happens to be living in one of the coolest cities within driving distance, asked her to be my Valentine and made plans to go see her that weekend.

We are going to go out on the town, yes, but also spend quality time reconnecting in the deeply meaningful way female friendships seem to make everything feel better.

Spending time with someone you’ve known for more than a decade, who has seen you transform a dozen times and accepted each new phase of your life without judgement, is a beautiful example of true love.

Love, I think, is the reason to be alive. There is nothing like connecting with another human, free from judgement and full of acceptance. At different parts of our lives, we will find that love in our family, in lovers, and in our friends.

“Blood is thicker than water,” is distilled from the saying, “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” meaning that those who you choose to keep in your life create a stronger bond than those you happen to be related to.

Platonic love is more than worthy to be celebrated this Valentine’s day, and not just as a substitute for romantic love.

Make a card for a friend, write a sweet note about why they matter, add a cheesy heart-shaped lace doily as if it was elementary school arts and crafts all over again. Because when we need them, real friends are there.

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