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UPeditorial: Do next right thing


The end of the semester is a stress snowball, gathering momentum as each week brings more papers, projects and presentations due. A good night’s sleep is a thing of the past as deadlines and worrying keep us up at night.

In this holiday season, use the stressful work load to practice gratitude for the privilege of pursuing higher education. We should shift our perspective from the burden of work to the opportunities earning a degree will bring.

Start by doing the next right thing. “Do the next right thing” is a phrase used in the Alcoholics Anonymous program to help the road to recovery seem more manageable. It’s a way to put huge tasks, like finishing a semester of classes, into perspective.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the tough weeks ahead, practice gratitude for the opportunity to learn and network, and for the doors it can open in the future to place us in positions to change the world.

And when it seems like the task is too large, refocus your energy by doing the next right thing.

The next right thing to do is different for each person on their path. For some, it means sacrificing socializing to finish a paper. For others, it means reaching out to a support system for help. For others, it could simply be making a good meal.

When that task is done, move on to the next right thing. Before we know it, we will be a semester closer to a degree.

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