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People: No Longer Lost in Translation

Zayed Altamimi

Story and photo  by Delicia Rocha
Story and photo by Delicia Rocha

For many people, a conversation is sitting down with someone and exchanging words, emails, or text, but for sophomore Zayed Altamimi, it’s using sign language. Originally from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, he came to the United States to learn about deaf education. One of the many ways Zayed shares his knowledge is through his YouTube channel and Instagram. “I want to advocate for deaf awareness because many people do not know or understand how to interact with a deaf person,” he signs. With thousands of followers that watch his videos, he utilizes both American Sign Language and Emirati Sign Language. “On my Instagram and YouTube, I am sharing videos on how to sign from ASL to ESL. The views kept rising, and I realized this is the perfect way to spread deaf awareness in my country,” he signs. The ASL advocacy major shares topics such as how to introduce yourself to a deaf person, how to sign and learn sign language, and the importance of deaf education.  “I can do things myself, I’ve traveled the United States for seven years, studying, observing, and analyzing,” Zayed signs. “The deaf education here in the States inspired me, and I now want to work hard and change the ways in my country to advance deaf education there.”

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