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People: Giving Begins at Home

Shannon Mills

Story by Rene Horne
Story by Rene Horne

Houston senior Shannon Mills’ early beginnings with volunteering and community outreach started when she was 15-years old and was made aware of an animal shelter in need of help. Her inspiration for giving back to her community derives from her childhood. “We didn’t have a lot, so a lot of times we would be getting our clothes from back-to-school drives,” she says. “Our backpacks would be donated from the church. Our couches would be from Habitat for Humanity. A lot of the stuff we used to have would be from volunteers.” In addition to being passionate about volunteering, she is the executive director of “The Big Event” which hosts a volunteer event in the Golden Triangle to give “one big thanks,” she says. “The Big Event is everything,” Shannon says. “We have about 15 students and we put on the largest community service event on campus.” After graduation, she has decided to pursue a career with nonprofit organizations. “I just think that now I’m in the position to help people, it’s like no choice,” she says. “It’s no choice to help. I was that kid that needed someone.”

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