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People: Coasting Through Life

Julie Spicer

Story and photo by Hollie AtkinsOne could say this girl is “coasting.” Julie Spicer began collecting coasters two years ago. The 22-year old from Chico, California, says her aunt’s collection inspired Julie to start her own. “They were all so funky and different,” the speech pathology graduate student says. “I realized they all told a story of where she’s been. I want to remember where I’ve been, so, I started a collection of my own.” Julie says if she was going to collect something, she also wanted it to be useful. “You don’t have to buy your own coasters,” she says. “You know the restaurant is just going to throw them away, so I’m basically saving the environment and saving money at the same time.” Her favorite coaster came from her trip to Disneyland in June. “The animation director for Pixar’s ‘UP’ hand drew a scene from the movie, and they turned it into a coaster — how cool is that?” She says. Taking the coaster is not always easy, she says. “I mean, I know they’re free, but I still feel like I have to steal them,” she says. “I also take a few extras when the waitress isn’t looking.” Julie says anyone can collect coasters. “Some are big, some are small, some are round, some are square — plus, it’s a free souvenir,” she says.

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