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LU hosts sign language camp

LU hosts sign language camp

UP photo by Nazarie Manning

Students signed "God Bless the U.S.A" by Lee Greenwood, during LU’s sign language camp, June 21-24, in the Education Building. UP photo by Nazarie Manning 


Lamar University hosted its annual sign language camp, June 21-24, in the Education Building. The camp hosted students from around Texas to learn American sign language, as well as signing in other languages such as Swahili, Spanish, Japanese and others. Students also produce a capstone seminar to close out the camp to show the skills they learned.

“Each class gives a seminar to the whole group, which allows the students to focus on leadership, putting emphasis on their communication skills and working with one another,” Dorothy Sisk, professor of teacher education, said.

This year, students learned Turkish sign language, taught by Dr. Orgurlu. The students sang a song to parents and performed a traditional Turkish dance.

“Students come and take 21 different courses of their choosing and each course is developed in such a way that they have opportunities to work on projects and do all sorts of research,” Sisk said.


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