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Vocology lecture set for Tuesday

College students use their voices every day. They give speeches and presentations, music majors sing, and theater majors project their voices for hundreds to hear while performing. This everyday skill should not be taken for granted.

Phi Kappa Phi national honor society will host “Vocology: Origins and Implications,” Tuesday, from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., in the Wayne A. Reaud Executive Event Center. The faculty lecture will discuss the importance of vocology — the study and practice of voice habilitation.

“Vocology is an emerging discipline that connects speech science, speech anatomy and physiology,” Rebekah Maxwell, Reaud Honors College coordinator, said. “It is relevant to all professional voice users.”

The event will be an educational opportunity for the entire campus, Maxwell said.

“Whether or not an individual is professionally or personally interested in vocology, it will be an interesting learning opportunity,” she said.

The topic was suggested by Phi Kappa Phi treasurer, Debra Greschner.

“The presentation will discuss the physiology, function and care of the voice,” she said. “As well as discussing the study of vocology, and its benefits to the general population.”

Greschner said the speakers are the faculty for vocology certificate at Lamar University, which welcomed its first cohort in January 2019.

Although the event is labeled as a faculty lecture, Maxwell said everyone is welcome to attend.

“I hope individuals across campus attend,” she said. “We welcome student, faculty and staff from Lamar, so they can see one way Phi Kappa Phi is active on campus and supports Lamar University students, faculty, and staff. It is also a way for Phi Kappa Phi members to network with each other.”

For more information, call 880-2219.

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