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College is not easy. Between classes, jobs, a social life and getting enough sleep, it can often times seem impossible to get through each semester. But for hundreds of students, that struggle has come to an end.

It doesn’t matter if it took four years or 40 years to graduate college — leaving Lamar with a degree is an accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated.

Pat yourself on the back, you earned it. The next chapter awaits. Lamar has a 32.9 percent graduation rate — to be one of those students is to beat a statistic.

Now, it’s time to utilize all the information that’s been pored over for the past however many semesters for the “real” world. Use the degree that thousands of dollars was spent on and earn that money back.

The time of being a Lamar student may be over, but once a Cardinal, always a Cardinal.

So whether the next step is a graduate degree or a doctorate, a new job in your field, or a gap year to explore and figure everything out, good luck.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone — cherish every moment of it.

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