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Summer film gears up for production, seeks extras

Lamar’s student-led production company, F. Lux Production, is gearing up for their upcoming summer film project, “The Writings’ on the Wall,” an anti-romantic comedy about the struggles of online dating.

“This script is based off of my own personal experiences,” Denise Cassaday, writer and producer, said. “This particular time in my life occurred about 10 years ago or so. It’s always just cracked me up and I’ve told these stories to friends over the years and everybody’s just always gotten a real kick out of it. When I was writing, I knew that they wanted a comedy for the summer film project and I really wanted to write something awesome.”

Cassaday said she felt like this was the kind of story that  people will be able to connect with because there isn’t necessarily romance in the dating world and films tend to ignore that, so she thought this was her opportunity to write something that was relatable.

“The main character is a woman,” she said. “Michelle is just a happy, confident, funny woman who just wants to find a meaningful relationship. She has her sassy best friend named Sam that pushes her outside of her comfort zone. That’s where the story starts and then after a few bad dates she meets somebody that she thinks there might be a chance with and then we kind of follow them and see how that goes.”

Cassaday and director, Hannah Hudgins, held auditions at the Betty Greenberg Center for Performing Arts, April 14, where they auditioned 26 actors for the 11 parts, plus extras.

“We are still accepting extras of all ages and ethnicities,” Cassaday said, “If you would like to be a part of a real film production and gain some set experience by participating as a featured extra, please send a photo with your contact information to”

For more information, check out or email thewrit ingsonthewall2019@gmail. com.

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