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SGA announces new executives

Election results for the 2019 Student Government Association were announced Friday with a runoff election for vice president taking place yesterday.

The new president for fall 2019 is Edward Doan, outgoing Secretary-Treasurer, who got 57.5 percent of 673 votes.

Results of the vice presidential runoff election between Jackson Dolce and Luis Espinoza were not available at press time.

Haya Alani was elected as the new Secretary-Treasurer with 56.5 percent of 651 votes. Timesha Miller was elected senior senator after running unopposed. Tyler Martin was elected as junior senator after running unopposed.

Outgoing vice president Natalie Sfeir said that dedication is the key to success in SGA.

“I can tell that this is something that these students care about and if they dedicate their time in office to SGA, then they will be able to see the change they seek,” she said.

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