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People: Passionate Moves

Madeline Brewer
Story and photo by Claire Robertson

Madeline Brewer has always loved to dance. “When I was a senior in high school, I noticed there was a belly dancing studio in town — and really fell in love with it,” the Vidor senior says.  Madeline studied at The Belly Dance Studio in Beaumont and after two years was hired at the Jerusalem Hookah Cafe. The speech and hearing science major has danced professionally for three years. Madeline says she has adopted different techniques to form her own style while respecting the origins of the dances. “When I’m dancing, I’m trying to interpret the romantic, grandiose music, and make you enjoy it the way I’m enjoying it,” she says. “The music is passionate. I’m trying to interpret that passion — but I’m not trying to be seductive.” Madeline says belly dancing is a simple and fun hobby. “It’s good for all ages and all body types,” she says. “People feel like they could never move that way, or they don’t have the body for it, but once you start doing the moves, and watch yourself in the mirror, it will make you fall in love with your own body.”

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