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It is traditional for graduating UP management staff to pen a column as their Lamar story ends (dubbed a “-30-” column in recognition of the symbol to end stories in the old days of typesetting0.

Almost four years ago, I remember flipping through many college brochures, reading several emails, and talking to numerous advisors as I got ready to make the biggest decision of my young life. I was a going to be a first generation college student and the prospects were scary.

But one school, or, rather, one newspaper, stood out to me — The University Press at Lamar.

I read posts about the newspaper, went through the college brochure, attended preview day and checked out the UP website. It wasn’t long before I made my decision — I was going to be editor of that newspaper one day. And here I am, writing my final piece before I graduate in May.

Working at the UP has been an invaluable experience and hands down the best part of my four years in college. I knew I wanted to be the editor one day. I wanted to be a part of the amazing staff, win awards and learn something new every day.

But, as I think back on the last four years and the first time I walked into the office to this very moment, I see all the faces of everyone who has helped get me to this point.

Cassie JenkinsThere were days when I doubted my writing capabilities, and other days when I was just plain exhausted and didn’t think I was going to make it through the day. But I wouldn’t trade those days for the world, because it was all just a part of the process.

My advisors have been invaluable in helping shape me into the writer and confident person I am today. The editors before me were a shining example of why I was working so hard. My friends, family and staff believed in me on some of the roughest days of my life.

Writing a -30- for your favorite job in the whole world is tough, but it’s time to move on. I will always remember staying up until 11 p.m. on a Tuesday doing layout and singing Disney songs at the top of my lungs with my managing editor.

I might forget the bad jokes, well most of them I hope, bad accents and printing errors, but I’ll never forget all the people I got to meet in my time here, the places I got to travel to, and the crews I got to work beside.

Although it might be cliché, the University Press has been like a family to me — and that is something I couldn’t have predicted four years ago.

So, thank you Lamar for allowing me to attend this university. Thank you to all the people I met along the way and thank you to the UP for preparing me for the future and giving me unforgettable memories.

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