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REDtalks to feature Paralympian Jenny Mutz

Red Talks at Lamar UniversityParalympian Jenny Mutz, an advisor in the LU Undergraduate Advising Center, will present the latest REDtalk, “A Paralympic Athlete’s Journey to Success,” at 3 p.m., Tuesday, on the sixth floor of Gray Library.

“I’m going to be talking about my experience as a student athlete in college and my definition of success, and just helping the audience to create their own definition of success,” she said.

Mutz has competed since she was 10-years old, and has competed in two Paralympic games. She was an elite athlete for eight years, beginning in college in 2000.

“Training was pretty much an everyday regimen, and that is what I will be talking about with the students and how my routine was when I did train,” she said.

Mutz will speak about the challenges, expectations and opportunities athletes have to juggle. In her years of being an athlete, she said she had the support of sponsors and mentors that helped navigate the obstacles of a student athlete.

“Hopefully, after hearing my presentation, students will start to think about their own journey to success, and learn how to identify success in their own way — maybe think about things they’ve done in their own life,” she said.

Being a student athlete is challenging as they must balance training, a healthy schedule, eating healthy, staying on top of grades and still trying to be humble, Mutz said.

“It definitely has its own set of challenges,” she said. “When you have athletics and your school, that is something that you have to learn to manage in order to be successful.”

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