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REDtalks to address creating connections


Building relationships and creating connections are skills that play a key role in a successful career. To make sure that students have the skills they need, Nechele McClinton, assistant director of residence life, will present the REDtalk, “Creating Connections,” Wednesday, at 3 p.m., on the sixth floor of Gray Library.

Admission is free and open to all students, faculty and staff, Kelly Williams, LU Success and REDtalks coordinator, said.

This REDtalk is going to help students develop personally and also professionally,” she said. “The focus is going to be on helping students learn techniques that they can use to build relationships with other people, whether they are a leader here on campus or looking to be a leader in their future career.”

McClinton said she came up with the REDtalk after reading books about personal and professional relationships.

“I came up with this by reading books emphasizing the importance of building those relationships in your personal and professional life,” she said. “The goal of this talk is to give students the tools to build these relationships that will assist them in being great leaders in their field of choice.”

Students who attend the presentation will learn the “seven steps” to creating and building relationships.

“The seven steps are, commit to win, open up to opportunities, notice what’s needed and do what’s necessary, navigate by your purpose, execute ethically, challenge your challenges, transcend beyond your best and connect to the ‘be’ attitudes,” McClinton said.

The REDtalk will focus on personal and professional development, Williams said.

“If you’re looking to learn about developing relationships with others, you’re looking to learn more about being a leader, or you’re looking for something that is related to professional development this would be the REDtalk to go to,” she said.

Topics for REDtalks are proposed and presented by students, faculty and staff, Williams said.

“People submit proposals, and I review them and plan out the schedule based off of that,” she said. “We do have some specific topics that we have narrowed down for REDtalks, including academic success, health and wellness, personal development, and career and professional development, so they all have something to do with one of those topics.”

REDtalks will accept proposals for the fall 2019 semester after spring break and an email reminder will be sent out through campus announcements, Williams said.

“Anyone can submit a proposal and we like to have a variety of presenters,” she said.

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Story by Abigail Pennington, UP contributor

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