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Apple Watch = Good Investment


For the longest time, I debated investing in an Apple Watch because I wasn’t sure if it would benefit me in any way other than health and fitness.

Four Apple Watch launches later, and after a lot of research, from asking my peers’ advice to watching countless video reviews on YouTube, I finally jumped on the smart watch bandwagon and purchased the Apple Watch Series 4.

There are two sizes, 40 and 44 millimeters, and many different colors and wristbands to choose from. I went with the 40 mm black sport wristband.

After a month of using the watch, I have discovered many features that benefit my daily health and fitness routines, and much more.

My favorite feature is the Activity app that keeps track of my daily workout history, like calorie measurements, exercise duration and how much time I spend on my feet.

Within the Activity app, I’m able to compete with friends who have the app as a way to boost my motivation when it comes working out.

While working out, I may become sweaty, but the Apple Watch is water resistant up to 50 meters. There’s an option that allows for water ejection if I do laps in the pool or get in a shower.

As someone who enjoys going to the gym daily, this app has helped me tremendously.

I was glad I did my research and waited until the fourth watch came out, because I’ve heard a lot of good things about them compared to the ones in the past.

The application’s speed is quicker, the volume is 50-percent louder, the screen display has curve edges making it 30-percent larger and the battery life for the Apple Watch 4 is longer lasting than previous ones.

With the volume being significantly louder, features like Siri, phone calls or walkie-talkie are more audible.

I usually don’t utilize Siri on my phone because it takes too much effort to access it, or it wouldn’t recognize my voice if I do hands-free commands. However, with the watch, Siri comes to life with a simple raise of my wrist to my mouth, plus a command.

Speaking of talking to one’s wrist, another one of my favorite apps is the walkie talkie feature. Compared to regular walkie talkies, the range of signal is unlimited and I can send audio messages to friends who live in different towns.

With the bigger screen display and vibrant colors, the interface of the watch accommodates more information in richer detail.

The interface is as elegant and sleek as the ceramic back. It includes a new electrical heart sensor to measure one’s electrocardiogram, which is an upgrade from the optical heart sensor that Apple had from the beginning.

This way, I can track my heart rate and it gives me an alert if my heart rate is either too high or too low.

When it comes to battery life, the watch takes about two hours to fully charge, and the longest it has lasted for me was one and a half day with minimal usage. Apple claims it can last up to 18 hours, but it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Not only can the Series 4 hold its own when it comes to battery life, but it’s 30-percent thinner with more added components.

It isn’t too bulky, doesn’t  get in the way of things or get snagged against one’s clothes.

People asked me why I didn’t choose to go with a cheaper watch because they nearly function the same way.

I’ve always been an Apple person, from iPhones to MacBooks, despite many complaints of the company’s pricey products. I would rather spend good money for a long-lasting product than vice-versa.

Hey Siri, it’s safe to say that the Apple Watch Series 4 is the best investment that I’ve ever made.

Story by Vy Nguyen, UP staff writer

Category: Opinion