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Joe Way

For more than 40 years, groups have been getting together to play Dungeons and Dragons. For one Joe Way, the game allows a chance to break from his studies. “I guess it started about a year ago, fall of last year,” the Orange senior says. “I play fighters — it’s just an easy class to play and customizable. The game was invented in 1974 but has seen a resurgence because of the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” The players adopt characters and embark on a quest through a fantasy realm where they must defeat series of challengers. Joe says his favorite monster is the Basilisk. “We haven’t fought one yet, (but) I like the ability to turn things into stone,” he says with a slight chuckle. The finance major begins each game by setting up his dice. He keeps eight different color sets in an octagonal case. A set of dice for Dungeons and Dragons contains seven multi-sided dice. Joe often plays two fighters and competes every Saturday with his friends. On this particular day, Joe and his fellow adventurers defeated several “oozes.” Though it was a difficult fight, his dice rolled well.

Story and photo by Ricky Adams

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