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People: Mexican Hat Trick

Justin Norris


What is a hat? To most people, a hat is just an accessory, but for Justin Norris, a hat is much more. “I have always thought that you could tell everything about someone just by looking at the hats they wear,” he says. “I buy very specific hats. I buy hats that truly represent a part of me.” The Dallas junior started his collection the summer before freshman year of high school. Justin was on a family vacation in Hawaii and wanted to find something that would tell people where he’d been. “I was in a store and saw my Kapalua hat, and I don’t know why, but that hat really stuck out to me,” he says. “When I put the hat on, I wanted more hats that told people things about me.” The film major’s collection quickly grew and now numbers 43. My hat collection is not the biggest I have seen, but every one of my hats is special and each one shows something different about me.”

Story and photo by Kameron Williams

Category: UPbeat