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IEW events to be held Nov. 14-16


Lamar University’s office of international student programs & services will host International Education Week, Nov. 14 through Nov. 16, beginning with an open house.

“(IEW) celebrates the benefits of cultural and academic exchange programs,” Mustapha Jourdini, OISPS director, said. “We have an open house to share about our different services, and how OISPS can collaborate with other university departments to ensure that we provide international students and scholars a home away from home — a welcoming environment that is conducive to cultural adjustment and academic success.”

Two sessions are planned for Nov. 15 — “Effective Ways to Help International Students Succeed” and “The Benefits of Study Abroad.”

“When studying abroad, a student’s exposure to other ideas, cultures, and educational systems results in many benefits,” Jourdini said. “Chief among these benefits are becoming open-minded and accepting of different peoples and cultures, developing flexibility of thought, honing foreign language skills, developing empathy toward immigrants, and developing a certain degree of cultural humility.”

All students can benefit from IEW, not just education majors, Jourdini said.

“They will have an opportunity to learn about international students, opportunities to study abroad, and views on knowledge and its impact from six world religions, to mention but a few benefits,” he said. “The topics examined during International Education Week are pretty comprehensive and general, as they deal with human relations in education and world religions.

“Regardless of academic backgrounds, we all need to understand each other better to build a sanguine future for ourselves and for future generations.”

International Education Week will conclude Nov. 16 with an interfaith panel featuring perspectives on knowledge from world religions.

“I strongly encourage faculty, staff and students to take advantage of the events and programs sponsored by various Lamar University offices to celebrate the International Education Week,” Jourdini said.

For more information, www.lamar .edu/international.

Story by Chris Harmon, UP contributor

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