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REDtalk to offer advice for student- faculty relations

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Do you want to build a relationship with your professor but not sure how? LU Success, a program for academic coaching, will host the REDtalk “Building Relationships with Faculty,” by a panel of faculty members, Oct. 17, on the 6th floor of the Mary and John Gray Library starting at 2 p.m.

Admission is free to all, Kelly Williams, LU Success and REDtalks coordinator, said.

“The ‘Building Relationships with Faculty’ REDtalk will have a panel of five faculty members from different disciplines across campus and they will be able to share their perspective on how to build relationships with faculty,” she said.

Students who are uncomfortable or are not sure what kind of questions to ask will have the opportunity to draw questions from a bowl to ask the faculty panel, Williams said.

“It’s really going to be about students asking the faculty panel questions, so that they can find out how they can utilize their professors as a resource for them,” she said.

The faculty panel will include Craig Escamilla, Executive Director of Retention and Student Success, Ruth Stanley, communication professor, Amy Smith, English professor, Yasuko Sato, associate history professor, and Jordan Wright, Deaf Studies.

“This REDtalk will be very important for students because no one will play a more active and important role in a students’ success than a faculty member,” Escamilla said.

REDtalks happen frequently throughout the semester and cover themes such as academic success, personal development, professional development, health and wellness, among other things, Williams said.

“REDtalks, offered by faculty, staff, or students are presentations on topics that will help students be successful and that are interesting to them,” she said.

Along with learning how to build a relationship with faculty members, students will receive complimentary nachos for attending, Williams said.

“The nachos were a hit, so we will have nachos at this one, but it’s different at every REDtalk,” she said.

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Story by Cheyenne Ard, UP contributor

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