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People: Taking Them All On

Elijah Keal

Story and photo by Reuben Durham
Story and photo by Reuben Durham

Elijah Keal may seem like he has all the time in the world when you find him studying and tutoring his fellow chemical engineering majors, but he’s more than just generous — the Port Arthur junior is president of the Student Engineering Council. “If I see that there’s a problem that an organization is experiencing, then I can just email my officers and we can get it done immediately,” Elijah says. “It’s important to help other organizations be effective.” Elijah says he likes helping other organizations. He is also a university ambassador and sees this as another opportunity to learn. “Every once in a while, I’ll see someone who’s very important in the chemical engineering field,” he says. “They always have something cool to say, some advice.” Elijah is also the head of R&D for Lamar’s chapter of the American Institute of Engineers, a member of the McNair Program and two research projects. Beyond his academic pursuits, Elijah has been boxing for three years and takes a pugilistic approach to his work. “If I know that a test is in two weeks, I focus on that topic as much as I can to knock out all the homework for the subject,” he says. “It’s mainly taking it step by step.”

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