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People: Fresh Air Lover

Edsel Damo

Story and photo by Katelee Zampini
Story and photo by Katelee Zampini

Nineteen-year-old Edsel Damo is obsessed with the fresh smelling scents of truck air fresheners and has a huge collection to show for it. “My obsession started with a buddy of mine,” the Port Neches instrumentation major says. “He had the scent black ice and since then I have been hooked.” Edsel says his top two favorite scents are black ice and new car. He has about 63 black ice trees hanging on his rear-view mirror. “I started actually collecting them when I turned 16 and got my own truck,” Edsel says. He not only keeps the fresh smelling scents in his truck, but also in his bedroom and bathroom. “Honestly, I have probably spent close to around $500 on air fresheners,” he says. Edsel says that his favorite place to buy air fresheners is Nederland Quick Stop located on Nederland Avenue. “I usually stock up on my air fresheners about every two weeks when I get paid,” Edsel says. He also has a car/truck detailing business called Precision Auto Detailing, and will put an air freshener or two in all of his customers’ vehicles. “I think every guy should collect air fresheners because it attracts the ladies,” he says.

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