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People: A Glass Half Full


Eduardo Martinez

Is the glass half-empty or half-full? For Eduardo Martinez, the glass is part of his collection of cups. The Houston resident said he started his collection at young age. “I’ve been collecting cups since the age of 13,” he says. “I collect cups because they signify a time in my life that I really cherish a lot.” The dozens of cups in Martinez’s collection include cups from a water park that he loves, movie inspired cups, and cups that he finds interesting to him. “One of the cups in my collection features the ‘Lego Ninjago’ movie, which is one of my favorites in my collection,” he says. “The ‘Ninjago’ cup also reminds me of my little sister because that is also her favorite movie and at times I miss her when I am away at school.” Martinez says that his favorite cup is the first cup he ever got. “My dad bought me this Astros cup, and I love using it any chance I get,” he says. “The majority of my cups are from Astros games, where they ended up winning. I consider them a good luck charm for the team when I go watch them on TV.”

Story and photo by Cade Smith

Category: UPbeat