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Is it Tuesday already?

I sat down to start writing this blog at exactly 8:13 p.m. — seriously.

While most kids are home eating dinner with their families, watching tv or catching up on homework, I am still in my office doing layout and writing blogs.

Journalism is a fulfilling career because while I still have to sit behind a desk to transcribe a story, and, for editors, do layout, I also spend most of the day outside talking to people, going places or researching a topic. But, like all careers, there are always complications such as staying up late.

Tuesday's are my busiest days. I wake up around 7 a.m. do my morning workout, go to class until 12:30 p.m. and often do interviews for the next issues while also laying out the current issue, which has to be mostly done and finished before noon on Wednesday's. Half the time I skip breakfast or lunch and end up not eating dinner until 10 p.m. (I'm learning to kick that bad habit.) Hell, some days I don't even know what day of the week it is, by Tuesday, to me, the week is half over. I can't think or plan to far ahead, because I'l just get everything jumbled up in my mind.

But, while I spend most of time tearing my hair out about being overly stressed because something didn't go exactly as planned or freaking out because I don't have a story or photo in by this hour, I've come to learn that it will all work out. There is something constantly going on in the world to fill in a gap in a newspaper or to write a blog about. blogphoto

So, while I will be extremely tired in the morning, as I usually am most days, I will still wake up and be thankful for my life and a career, that, despite everything, I absolutely loveJournalism isn't all cakewalks and flowers. I don't get carted off on a first class plane to Hawaii to write a travel piece or get free court-side tickets to the Rockets game as a sports writer (I can only hope one day this will be the case), but I get to spend everyday doing something I enjoy.  If that means staying here until 10 p.m. (which happened last week), standing in the freezing cold because I broke a door leaving late (also happened last week), or sloshing through mud and rain to watch a fishing competition (happened last year for another newspaper) then I will absolutely do it!

After all, life is all about the stories you can tell and pass on to your kids, grandkids, family and loved ones — and I've sure got a lot of them to tell already.

Please enjoy a photo of me in my usual Tuesday night attire with no shoes, fuzzy socks, big jacket and hair up. I've also attached a SnapChat of me and my managing editor singing Disney songs at 10 p.m. to stay awake long enough to finish the newspaper.

Watch how we spend Tuesday nights (video)

Written by Cassandra Jenkins, UP Editor 2018-19

Category: From the News Room